Welcome to my blog. I’m a writer. The name of this blog is derived from the words ‘Zarzuela’ (Spanish Opera) and ‘Zen’ (A school of Buddhism). This blog is about the art and science of exploration,  exploring my three main interests: space, speculative fiction, and travel.

My ideal is the nomadic lifestyle.  Long-term travel and location-less income, where you can be your own boss, can set your own hours and work from anywhere in the world is the ultimate freedom.

The values I promote are style, imagination, beauty, novelty and freedom.  A world without these traits is a world ruled by mindless rules, intolerable limitations and endless boredom, both internal (psychological) and external (social). A world mired in illusion (’The Matrix’). But there is no need to play by such rules. Outside the box of self-imposed confinement lie infinite vistas of beauty and excitement that we can scarely imagine. It’s time to awaken from the Matrix! If the rules are not in our favor, the rules will have to be broken. And the power that must be harnessed is the power of imagination.